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 The Krasnodar Porcelain and Faience Factory Chaika was created by decision of the USSR government in order to meet the growing demand of the country's population for tableware. It was the first porcelain factory built in the country after the 1917 revolution. The first industrial premises of the plant were designed by the Leningrad Industrial Institute, and true enthusiasts were involved in the launch, for which porcelain production became a life-long work. On March 3, 1960, the first plate was produced at the enterprise, and a year later the first batch of products was exported. Earthenware production was mastered at the Stakhanov pace in order to fulfill the state plan to provide the population with consumer goods. In August 1968, the first batch of faience products was produced.


 In 1991, the enterprise was privatized by the labor collective and reorganized into ZAO PKF Kubanfarfor, but the indigenous people of Krasnodar still affectionately call it “The Seagull”. For many years, the plant was the largest producer of ceramic dishes in the USSR, and then in the Russian Federation, producing up to 50 million products a year. In recent years, as a result of many factors, we decided to transfer the enterprise with its significant modernization and reorganization outside the city of Krasnodar. In October 2019, we stopped production in Krasnodar, and in January 2020, work began on the first stage of production in Belorechensk (Krasnodar Territory).


 At the moment, we have significantly reduced production volumes and are focusing on improving product quality, expanding the range and flexibility of production. New technological equipment allows you to produce the most relevant and sought-after dishes. There was an opportunity to produce small batches of individual design for HoReCa enterprises. We are also ready to provide services for decorating ceramic and glass products.

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